Fundraising Through the Jewish Cultural Arts


A unique way to raise needed funds while supporting  your own Jewish cultural expressions

In these days of “Cultural Diversity” other ethnic groups often use their own cultural artists of music, art/craft, dance and poetry to have events that raise needed funds for their charitable needs. Jewish organizations have yet to fully move in this direction. You are encouraged to note the various Jewish cultural possibilities for your own programs.

1.Visual Concert- “A Picture is Worth 1000 Jewish Melodies”
A most unique Jewish cultural experience where the Judaic art of nationally noted Judaic art and designer, Avy Ashery is blended with the eclectic Jewish music of noted musicians, as they interpret the visuals with dynamic Hebrew, Ladino and Yiddish music. After the presentation, the contemporary Judaic art is exhibited for sale (fundraiser) atmoderate prices during the reception.

2. Judaic Art Exhibit and Lecture
Avy Ashery artist exhibits his internationally known and controversial works, as he discusses the controversial stories behind the art. Why was his illustration “The Prayer” allowed into a restricted country club in Oklahoma and later banned in 1975 in the USSR?  What was the real story about the original Hanukah stamp, the U.S. Postal Service? The program art is later available for sale at moderate prices for the fundraiser.

3. Special Anniversary or Jewish theme for a Commissioned Work of Art
When an organization is planning to celebrate a special anniversary or special theme/, Mr. Ashery is commissioned to create a special work of art (limited edition hand-signed and numbered serigraph print) on a particular Jewish theme that relates to the organization, its Jewish values, or project. The prints are marketed and sold to the entire Jewish community. This type of project has been very successful for synagogues, day schools, federations and organizations on a local, regional and national scope. In these days of Cultural Diversity, this is a very constructive way of supporting the Jewish cultural arts.

Please view art on website first- Then Contact: Avy Ashery – 301-279-0648 or e-mail: