Art Programs


Available Programs for Synagogues, Federations, Day Schools, JCCs and Jewish/Zionist Organizations

A. For Guest lecture Series:

1. Advocating for Israel in the Media creatively geared to the American people- What’s the problem?

2. Cultural Diversity and our own Jewish culture- Is there a Fit?

3. The stories behind the Judaic art/design presented at the White House, placed in the Smithsonian, banned the former USSR and first proposed real Chanukah stamp design rejected because it was called “religious.”

B. Hands-on Workshops:

1. Hasbarah- Advocating for Israel in the media creatively…for community leadership, young Leadership, Jewish Youth Groups, Jewish day schools Grades 7-12, and Summer Camps

2. Family Workshop– Create your own Jewish Historical Family Crest/logo workshop for future generations– for Synagogue, JCC and Day School Families.

C. Jewish Cultural Fundraisers:

For Synagogues, Jewish Day Schools, JCCs and Jewish Organizations

1. Judaic Art Exhibit/Sale of Mr. Ashery’s National/Internationally Noted Creations with Lecture.

2. Visual Concert- A unique program that combines Jewish melodies with Related Judaic art.

Can be presented with your local Cantor or Folk singer. Judaic art available for Sale/Fundraiser

Internationally Famed Designer of Motion Pictures and Corporate Identity Design, The Late Saul Bass, z”l….” With all my success with motion pictures and corporate identity design, I have only one regret and that is not having done the kind of Judaic art/design that you have done Ashery- Very Impressive!”